In Netlab: A file format for exchanging tabular data (Creativyst Table Exchange).

In biological neural networks: A chemical that blocks the outside pore of some potassium channels.

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Neural Networks (biological)

CTX is also shorthand for charybdotoxin, or chlorotoxin which is scorpion toxin.

charybdotoxin (ALX-630-059) has been found to block certain (Ca2+) ion-selective conduction pores in voltage-dependent potassium (K+) channels. It is one of many substances that have been useful in pharmacological studies of neurons and the brain. It is sometimes called ChTX to discern it from chlorotoxin.

chlorotoxin (ALX-630-069) is similar to charbybdotoxin, and is most notably used in treatments (and lately visualizing) of certain brain cancers.

The giant yellow scorpion (Leiurus quinquestriatus) is nicknamed "death stalker". A label that it was given long before this application.

The nickname takes on a whole new meaning now though, doesn't it?

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Scorpion Neurotoxins

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Creativyst Table eXchange Format

Describes a file format that can be used to exchange data between disparate applications.

CTX is a more precisely defined and functional alternative to CSV, and a lower overhead alternative to many applications of XML. The CTX exchange format embodies the simplicity of CSV, while permitting, via optional secondary mechanisms, the exchange of data with complex structural hierarchy.

CTX achieves low overhead by permitting data-types to be tagged with type, display, structure, help, and other information. By tagging types instead of data, CTX vastly improves bandwidth-usage over the strategy of tagging every value-instance with two identical nametags. This also permits rich meta-information to be shared about the data being exchanged. The added metadata is optional for writers, and, if present, may be used or ignored at the option of reading applications.

For more information see the article on the web titled:

CTX - Creativyst Table Exchange Format

Netlab uses CTX as a way for network designers to exchange networks and network components with others.

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