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This is the most recent version of the logo. It is a hammer breaking as it tries to hammer down a nail. The idea came from the Japanese saying about nails that stand out. The saying was alluded to in a recent GM commercial as well, in which a guy driving a large GM vehicle proudly explained that he didn't want to be a nail that stood out, he wanted to be the hammer that pounds the nails down.

Welcome to Stand Out Publishing.

I'm a programmer who is exploring new ways of giving experimenters a better environment for developing biologically-guided artificial neural networks. So far this exploration has produced two patents, and an introductory book on the subject. The book is titled: “Netlab Loligo: New Approaches to Neural Network Simulation.” and is available here.

This is also my general purpose site for coding and testing web-based software development projects of a general nature.

Thanks for stopping by.

  John Repici


thumbnail of book cover   Netlab Loligo - New Approaches to Neural Network Simulation

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