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Hidden Layer

Hidden Neuron, Hidden Layer Neuron - In traditional feed-forward neural networks, a hidden layer neuron is a neuron whose output is connected to the inputs of other neurons and is therefor not visible as a network output (hence the term hidden layer).

Hidden layer shown in multi-layered neural network

In the context of a feed-forward network, a hidden layer neuron is a pre-synaptic neuron because it is connected to other neurons in the network which are post-synaptic in relation to its output. In feed-forward networks, neurons form layers, or slabs, which are connected to and from post- and pre- synaptic neurons. Such groupings of neurons that are themselves connected to other neurons are sometimes (traditionally) called hidden layers or hidden layer nuerons.

Using the more general terms: "post synaptic" and "pre-synaptic" allows any given parties to a connection, or set of connections, to be discussed without inadvertently dragging the entire network into the discussion.

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