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Forget Process

The process by which one or more weights associated with a given synapse is moved closer to zero, or closer to some pre-defined bias level at a given rate (the forget rate).

In Netlab this is facilitated, primarily by the CWC (Continuous Weight Change) facilities.

To use a metaphor, it is the flow of current moving against your row boat in a stream. Your rowing, in this metaphor, is the learning—the events that alter your connection weights—, while the water-current moving against you represents the Forget Process.

The speed of the current moving against you may be fast or slow (the CWC rate, or forget rate). It may also change, depending on where you are in the stream (moving through a narrower or wider segment, for example). In Netlab, the CWC rate can be set to be slower or faster depending on dynamically available values, such as the concentration of a given chemical influence, or the level on a given axon (an axon level).

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