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Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) - are molecular strands containing information encoded within sequences of nucleotides, which have been read and copied from a DNA strand via a process called Transcription.

The string of complimentary nucleotides produced by transcription are the RNA molecule. RNA is similar to one side of a DNA molecule in structure, but in RNA, the nucleotide containing thymine (T) is replaced with a nucleotide containing uracil (U). Also the sugar used in the "backbone" part of the molecule is ribose instead of 2-deoxyribose

In biological entities, RNA molecules hold stored sequences of instructions, which are followed by specialized molecular machinery in the cell. The molecular machines that follow the instructions stored in RNA, use those instruction to construct specific three-dimensional protein components and assemblies. The protein-assemblies produced are then used to produce all biological function-blocks, and substances. Each protein is assembled from the 20 amino-acids. As stated, the protein-assemblies are then used as components of all molecular machinery, including the molecular-machines that produce these components from RNA-conveyed instruction sequences.

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Messenger RNA (mRNA) is used to make a copy of specific assembly instruction sequences to be followed by the protein-producing work-areas within the cell.

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"Protein synthesis (DNA transcription, translation and folding)"

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